Hillary’s political career: VERY similar to the Rise of Darth Sidious

Senator Palpatine represented the planet Naboo.  However, he secretly was a “Sith lord” who sought to take over the galaxy.

He did this in the following manner:

  • Worked with factions behind the scenes to orchestrate a blockade and invasion of his Own planet, so that the current Supreme Chancellor would be overthrown.  He would then run as replacement and win on the sympathy vote.
  • Encouraged a “separatist” movement, along with his then-apprentice (Darth Tyranus) to start a war vs. the Republic, thus forcing Senate to authorize a “clone” army to fight the war.
  • With apprentice (eventually Darth Vader), used the clone army to kill all Jedi, thereby removing any possible challenges to his rule.
  • When Jedi were out of the picture, installed himself as “Emperor” to provide “security” for all planets in the former Republic.  Apprentice (Darth Vader) functioned as his powerful “fist” to enforce conformity.
  • Is eventually defeated by apprentice’s son (Luke Skywalker) who refuses to join the “dark side.”

Now let’s consider Hillary:

  • Worked with factions behind the scenes to create a global foundation and gain support for her agenda.
  • During term in senate, choose to support Iraq War then appears hawkish in anticipation of an eventual presidential run. Encouraged a “separatist” movement, along with her then-apprentice (Darth Abedin) to divide the Republic.
  • Uses her time as Secretary of State to create an environment of fear in the Republic and gather more support of anti republic partners to further her goal to gain more power.
  • An unexpected candidate (Trump) surprises her with several primary wins and is supported by the Republic.  Hillary responds with ads to scare voters, arguing only her “experience” can provide “security” for them & their families.  She is also caught in a series of lies in her attempt to convince voters of her superior electability & experience.
  • Is finally defeated (hopefully) by Trump, who refuses to accept lobbyist money or cast votes based purely on satisfying career politician’s greed and corruption.

Hillary or Darth Sidious

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