Powerball US Hoax Page

Facebook Page called “US Powerball” claims that you can get a chance to win a one million dollar jackpot by liking, sharing, and commenting on a promotional post and then clicking a link to enter.
Brief Analysis:
The Facebook Page is fraudulent. It is not associated with Powerball in any way whatsoever and those who participate have no chance of winning anything at all. The Page is a scam designed to trick you into spamming your friends with the bogus Powerball post and then disclosing your personal information on dodgy survey websites.

US Powerball Facebook Scam
Powerball Hoax Facebook
Detailed Analysis:
According to a Facebook Page that calls itself “US Powerball”, lottery game Powerball is offering free entry via Facebook to a $1 million jackpot. For a chance to win the jackpot, claims a promotional post on the Page, all you need to do is like and share the post, comment “done”, and click a link to an entry form. It claims that the winner will be chosen later in the month and notified “via inbox message”.

However, the Facebook Page is fraudulent. It is not associated with Powerball in any way and it is certainly not offering a $1 million jackpot. Those who decide to participate have zero chance of winning anything at all.

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Camper Family RV Giveaway Hoax

Camper Family HoaxOutline:
Various Facebook Pages claim that you can win a luxury RV or motor home just by liking, sharing, and commenting.

Brief Analysis:
The Facebook Pages are fraudulent. They are not giving away RVs as claimed. There are no prizes and no winners. The bogus Pages are scams designed to rapidly accumulate large numbers of Page likes. Once the Pages have gained high like numbers, they can be reused for other types of scam or sold on the black market to other scammers.

Example: We have got 50 (Camper Family) that can’t be sold because they have been stock. Therefore we are giving them away for free. Want one of them? Just SHARE this photo & LIKE Our Page and we will choose 50 people completely at random on Any Date
Comment `Done`

Detailed Analysis:
There are currently multiple Facebook Pages claiming that you can win a luxury RV just by liking, sharing, and commenting. Some versions use the term ‘motor home’ rather than RV or use both terms in the text of their posts. Many of the Pages use the image shown in the above example.

Typically, the Pages ask you to share, like, and comment on a promotional post, and also like the Page itself.

However, all of these Facebook Pages are fraudulent. They are not giving away RVs (or motor homes) as claimed. The promised prizes do not exist and no amount of liking, sharing, and commenting will give you even the slightest chance of winning one.

The image of the luxury RV is stolen from a travel website that hires such vehicles to holidaymakers.

These Facebook Pages are typical like-farming scams. Their purpose is to gather very large numbers of likes very quickly. By specifying that users must like, share, and comment, the scammers responsible for the Pages ensure that their fraudulent material is seen by an ever growing audience. They effectively turn the hapless users who are taken in by these giveaway scams into their own personal posse of spammers.

After the like count on the scam Pages has significantly increased, the scammers can then use the Pages to launch follow on scams such as survey scams, this time to a considerably larger pool of potential victims. Alternatively, they may sell the – now like-heavy – Pages to other scammers who will, in turn, repurpose them for their own spam or scam campaigns.

Scam Facebook Pages likes these are very common on Facebook. But, alas, despite a good deal of publicity about such scam attempts, they continue to find new victims. Don’t be tempted to participate in these bogus giveaways ‘just in case’ they are legitimate. By doing so, you are not only aiding and abetting scammers, but also exposing your Facebook friends to their fraudulent material.


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Hillary’s political career: VERY similar to the Rise of Darth Sidious

Senator Palpatine represented the planet Naboo.  However, he secretly was a “Sith lord” who sought to take over the galaxy.

He did this in the following manner:

  • Worked with factions behind the scenes to orchestrate a blockade and invasion of his Own planet, so that the current Supreme Chancellor would be overthrown.  He would then run as replacement and win on the sympathy vote.
  • Encouraged a “separatist” movement, along with his then-apprentice (Darth Tyranus) to start a war vs. the Republic, thus forcing Senate to authorize a “clone” army to fight the war.
  • With apprentice (eventually Darth Vader), used the clone army to kill all Jedi, thereby removing any possible challenges to his rule.
  • When Jedi were out of the picture, installed himself as “Emperor” to provide “security” for all planets in the former Republic.  Apprentice (Darth Vader) functioned as his powerful “fist” to enforce conformity.
  • Is eventually defeated by apprentice’s son (Luke Skywalker) who refuses to join the “dark side.”

Now let’s consider Hillary:

  • Worked with factions behind the scenes to create a global foundation and gain support for her agenda.
  • During term in senate, choose to support Iraq War then appears hawkish in anticipation of an eventual presidential run. Encouraged a “separatist” movement, along with her then-apprentice (Darth Abedin) to divide the Republic.
  • Uses her time as Secretary of State to create an environment of fear in the Republic and gather more support of anti republic partners to further her goal to gain more power.
  • An unexpected candidate (Trump) surprises her with several primary wins and is supported by the Republic.  Hillary responds with ads to scare voters, arguing only her “experience” can provide “security” for them & their families.  She is also caught in a series of lies in her attempt to convince voters of her superior electability & experience.
  • Is finally defeated (hopefully) by Trump, who refuses to accept lobbyist money or cast votes based purely on satisfying career politician’s greed and corruption.

Hillary or Darth Sidious

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Corruption Of The Information Super Highway

corupt-internetHappy New Year Everyone………..
Be Prepared To Stop
As an avid user and contributor to the growth of the internet I have seen a very scary change to the information we the public regardless of  race, personal beliefs or political affiliations are being exposed to by powerful people with agendas to serve.

Even long time goto information sites we have come to trust about controversial topics have now become skewed and politically corrupted. In this 2016 campaign year with the country so divided on issues we all want to check facts about claims made by any side of a situation. Unfortunately for current news items this can be next to impossible unless you are actually witness to the event. However for historical fact checking we may all want to go Old School for our information. I know that everyone from my generation has at least been exposed to the use of printed media such as books, encyclopedias, news papers (probably the least reliable), magazines ect. You will have to dig out a box in your parents basement or perhaps find a small local library with the microfilm original copies of archived print media. The internet is no longer the place for research it has now been corrupted and indexed with so much misinformation that we really need to Be Prepared To Stop check the facts and educate one another responsibly before posting propaganda.

Share this page on your social media and Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs will pitch in to buy you a magical unicorn that you can predict the future with….

Had to throw that in as an example!

I can not guarantee that all pre-internet printed material is not politically slanted at times but certainly can say when it came to the publication of these items most had to under go much more reasonable scrutiny before reaching print **with the exception of newspapers that have been from the beginning vulnerable to political influence.

**Remember the movie Mr. Smith Goes to Washington is a 1939 American political comedy-drama film, starring James Stewart great movie I recommend it for your watch list. We could use some Mr Smith’s nowadays!

I have found on the internet document scans and digitized printed archives many times altered to serve a purpose of misinforming so find originals.

As the old saying goes The Truth Will Set You Free in this day and age perhaps it is the Truth that will keep you free.. The alternative may be to awful to contemplate.

Be Good, Be Informed and God Bless America!

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UPC Codes Country of Manufacture Misinformation

barcodeIn the wake of 2008 product scares involving melamine-tainted pet foods, lead-tainted toys, and melamine-tainted milk products, all originating in China, consumers in the U.S. understandably became more apprehensive about the places of origin of the products they were purchasing. However, many found themselves frustrated in their efforts to be more selective buyers because

The posts being shared on social media is a reflection of those fears, a message that provides simple, helpful instructions for determining the country of origin of any product. According to this tip, a glance at the first three digits of a product’s bar code will tell you where it was made.

Unfortunately, determination of product origins for American consumers isn’t quite as cut and dried as it’s been made to sound here. First of all, the two- or three-digit country codes referenced above are incorporated into the European Article Number (EAN-13) bar code standard, but not into the UPC-A bar code which is most commonly used in the U.S. Moreover, what those EAN-13 country codes indicate is the country or economic region where a particular bar code was assigned, not necessarily the country where the product identified by that bar code was made:

Q: Does the EAN number indicate the country of origin of a product?

A: No it doesn’t. The 3-digit prefix code indicates which numbering organization has allocated the bank of numbers to the company. For example, a company may have its headquarters in South Africa. The EAN organization in South Africa has the code “600,” but all the products of the company may be manufactured in England. The English-made products would still have the “600” prefix code. The prefix code is a way to have 70-plus EAN member organizations issuing numbers without having to worry about duplicate numbers.

In determining the country of origin of a product sold in the U.S., consumers often still have to rely on the standard methof of looking for “Made in [country name]” labels on the packaging.

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Chevrolet Camaro Giveaway Hoax

camaro-giveawayFacebook Page claims that for the second time in Facebook history two 2014 Chevrolet Camaro’s are being given away on Facebook. To enter, users are instructed to like a promotional post, share an image of the Camaros, and state their desired car color via a comment.

The Page is fake and has no connection to either Facebook or Chevrolet. The claim that Camaros are being given away is a lie. The Page is a like-farming scam designed to trick users into liking the Page and further advertising it via shares and comments. Pages with high numbers of likes can be used to launch ongoing spam and scam campaigns or can be sold on the black market.

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Facebook Hoax About Protecting your Copyright

facebook-copyrightThere is a rumor circulating that Facebook is making a change related to ownership of users’ information or the content they post to the site. This is false. Anyone who uses Facebook owns and controls the content and information they post, as stated in our terms. They control how that content and information is shared. That is our policy, and it always has been. Click here to learn more – http://www.facebook.com/policies.


Messages about protecting your copyright or privacy rights on Facebook by posting a particular legal notice to your Facebook wall are similar to an item which circulated several years ago positing that posting a similar notice on a web site would protect that site’s operators from prosecution for piracy. In both cases the claims were erroneous, an expression of the mistaken belief the use of some simple legal talisman — knowing enough to ask the right question or post a pertinent disclaimer — will immunize one from some undesirable legal consequence. The law just doesn’t work that way.

Facebook users cannot retroactively negate any of the privacy or copyright terms they agreed to when they signed up for their accounts, nor can they unilaterally alter or contradict any new privacy or copyright terms instituted by Facebook, simply by posting a contrary legal notice on their Facebook walls. Moreover, that Facebook is now a publicly traded company (i.e., a company that has issued stocks which are traded on the open market) or an “open capital entity” has nothing to do with copyright protection or privacy rights.

Any copyright or privacy agreements users of Facebook have entered into with that company prior to its becoming a publicly traded company or changing its policies remain in effect: they are neither diminished nor enhanced by Facebook’s public status.

Further, the concerns about copyright ownership which these types of notices are intended to address are unfounded. In response to rumors about copyright issues that began circulating in November 2012

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Deadline Post-It Stop-Motion

Post-it notes are cool! They’ve played a starring role in several 2009 videos, from the romantic one-upmanship of this love story to the basic yellow background for illustrator Arthur Jones. With their sticky backs, absolute squareness and bright colors, Post-its also make perfect pixels for a new wave of stop-motion animation.

And the best of the Post-it animations on YouTube in 2009 was “Deadline,” a class project by Bang-Yao Liu at the Savannah College of Art and Design. Bang-Yao led a team that planned for three months, plotting out every frame digitally on a computer. Then they re-created the scenes with analog Post-its on the wall, with a live human at a desk.

Four days of shooting and more than 6,000 Post-it pages later, the story of a young man’s angst about a deadline plays out in vivid scenes of monsters, thunderstorms and a submarine. He even plays a few seconds of Brick. Worthy viewing the next time you’re procrastinating on your own deadline.

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United Breaks Guitars

Dave Carroll is an award winning singer-songwriter, professional speaker, author and social media innovator from Halifax Canada. With over twenty years experience in the music business, when faced with a difficult customer service issue with United Airlines in 2009, Dave used his ability as a master storyteller to share his issue with the world. The resulting YouTube music video called “United Breaks Guitars” became an instant viral hit and today over 150 million people have been introduced to his story.

With significant impacts in the areas of customer service, social media, branding and self-empowerment Dave’s career as an entertainer and songwriter has expanded. He is now a highly sought after professional speaker, a published author and he is increasingly being commissioned for songs for other people and organizations. He is also co-founder of Gripevine.com, an on-line customer complaints resolution platform that brings consumers and businesses together in a mutually beneficial way, resulting in improved service for consumers and improved results for companies.

His ability to extract the essence of a message and craft it into song is a rare gift that is attracting fans of all ages. His warm and often humorous delivery of his story and its implications is both entertaining and educational. Songwriter, performer, author, speaker and consumer advocate, Dave Carroll is said to be “one of the nicest guys in the business” and complimentary to any event.

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Literal Video Version Music Videos Literaly Go Viral

A literal music video, also called a literal video version, is a parody of an official music video clip in which the lyrics have been replaced with lyrics that describe the visuals in the video

It started with an a-Ha! moment. Dustin McLean an assistant director at Current TV’s animated Super News would regularly make fun of 1980s-era music videos with co-workers, coining new lyrics to match the absurd imagery of early MTV. The challenge Somebody should record that and put it back on YouTube! McLean accepted the challenge and spawned a trend he called Literal Videos.

His first attempt came in October of 2008 “Take on Me,” by a-Ha!, whose video in pencil-drawn roto-scoping was one of the most memorable of the ’80s. McLean re-recorded it, using an iTunes karaoke version, with lyrics to match the pictures.This literal version hit YouTube in 2008 so it’s not part of this category but not long after that first video the knockoffs started popping up.

This video is the ORIGINAL and FIRST “literal video” that started the meme!

Corel VideoStudio Pro X6 Pro

In the beginning of 2009, McLean and seven other people made literal videos. Five of these were by David A. Scott (dascottjr), a commercial producer in upstate New York. His sixth video, a redub of Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart” was posted on May 25, 2009. Shortly after, links to it appeared on websites for Entertainment Weekly, Ashton Kutcher’s  Twitter page, and Perez Hilton. From there, the video received 1,009,331 views in its first ten days, surpassing two million views in three weeks. After nearly eleven million views, Sony had YouTube block the video worldwide in 2011. (Shortly before his account was terminated in February 2014, the video was unblocked, and surpassed eleven million.) It is still view-able  on Funny Or Die’s website, where it has received over 100,000 views, qualifying it for “Immortal” status.

This is a copy based on the original:

When his first videos came out, McLean said he got dozens of requests every week for songs to give the Literal Video treatment. “Total Eclipse of the Heart” was the most requested. But McLean procrastinated because he didn’t know a female vocalist who could match Tyler’s voice. We’re glad someone did.

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